Testing mobile blogging

Things I do when I have spare time and only my mobile phone with me:
A. Read ebooks using mobipocket. With mobipocket we can even create one’s own ebook… All you need is a source of text (can be pdf, rtf, txt, html, etc) and it will convert the source into .prc file.
B. Listen to audiobooks / music
C. Sometimes I write notes that will end up nowhere and gets deleted someday.

Now I have another option – mobile blogging! I know mobile blogging been around for ages but I fell down the blogging wagon since what, 3 or 4 years ago… I haven’t been blogging for years now, I’ve lost my domain sisil.net, and I wasn’t active in any friends networking sites except facebook of course.

So, this afternoon I was waiting for departure to Bandung, when all I can do is trying out things on my phone. It occured to me how nice it would be to have you random thoughts in times like this (waiting) written down. I remember I still got a wordpress.com account so I checked it out to see wether it has a mobile-optimized interface. And it does!

So I’m typing away on the mini qwerty keyboard. Made me realize that when you type with two thumbs, best maintain the nails at minimum length (about 1-2 milimeters from the fingertips). Too short and you’ll have to use the fingertips to type (which is kinda too big), too short and you’ll lose coordination (nails can’t feel).

An obvious disadvantage is typing on mobile is not quick enough. Typing on regular keyboard is speedy enough to keep up with the speed of thought… Typing with a mobile is sluggish, which is why it’s better to keep it minimum.


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