New year resolution – part 1

It’s the middle of the year, a good time to evaluate about my new year’s resolution. I didn’t manage to post them here back then.

Here they are:

1. Use as little plastic as possible
– bring shopping bag everywhere, reuse plastic bags, refuse plastic bags at stores
– don’t buy plastic-bottled drinks

2. Minimize spending, maximize income & capital (implement Your Money Or Your Life 9 steps to achieve Financial Independence asap)

3. Re-learn chinese – schedule certain time

4. Unclutter. Simplify my stuff, my desk, my wardrobe, my finances

5. Schedule exercise & yoga time – think of them as body maintenance; as important as eating & drinking

6. Apply GTD (Getting Things Done)

Out of the 6 things above, except for number 3, I’ve progressed. Some not as much as I’d like, some progressed and fell back. Number 3 – relearn chinese is standing still without any steps forward. Either I don’t find it that high-priority now, or I have too much commitments, or I’m not disciplined enough. I’m suspecting the latter.

I’ll write about number one for today.

The first one – use as little plastic as possible. I identified my major plastic consumption was plastic bags and plastic bottles, hence the two sub-points. I managed to reduce my plastic bag consumption by bringing a foldable muji shopping bag everywhere. I endured countless time of impatient staring from the check out person at the cashier while I rummage my bag for the muji bag. Except for the times when I forgot to bring the muji bag and the things I bought had to have a separate container, I managed to avoid the plastic bags. I’d say I’ve reduced my plastic bag consumption by 70% or more. Quite a good achievement but I aim for 95%.

As for plastic bottles, I did reduce my consumption but not as much as I’d like to. Most of the time I bring along my rubbermaid bottle around, but lately I keep forgetting it. So I still buy plastic-bottled drink from time to time. I drink a lot and I can’t stand thirst, and when I don’t have my water bottle (filled with water) with me then I had to buy. When eating out, I never order plastic bottled drink now; opting for warm tea instead (served in a glass/mug/cup, and definitely not came from a plastic bottle). Overall I’ve reduced about 30-40% of plastic bottle consumption. Not good enough.


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