Foldable shopping bag

Continuing the previous new year’s resolution discussion, I’m elaborating about the first point. Using as little plastic as possible.

I’ve reviewed my relationship with plastic. I’ve identified the main culprits:
– plastic bags
– plastic drink bottle
– plastic toiletries bottle
– plastic film wrappings
I decided to tackle the first two for now, plastic bags & plastic drink bottle.

Here in Jakarta where I live, plastic bags cost next to nothing, so almost every store freely distribute them all the time. Even when I buy a small item (for example a can of candy) the cashier will automatically reach for a small-sized plastic bag and put the candy into it.

So, the solution to reduce my plastic bag usage are:
– bring my own shopping bag everywhere
– if the item is small enough, put in my backpack

Here’s a picture of my beloved Muji bag (there’s an online store here). I got mine from Hong Kong.

Muji foldable shopping bag

Muji foldable shopping bag

What I love about it is that it has it’s pouch, and the pouch can be latched to the bag when in use (so no worries of losing the pouch). When folded, the pouch is really small, palm-sized, about the size of a candybar mobile phone.

In Jakarta, I’ve seen bags like this at hellolulu shops; but I still find Muji’s better – more compact and cheaper.

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