It’s less than 48 hours to 2010, I should finish what I started earlier: discussing my 2009 NY’s resolution.

Third on my list was: Re-learn Chinese, schedule certain time. I totally failed this point. No progress whatsoever at all. Very different with my sister, who is now in Beijing, learning Chinese away happily. Anyway, lesson learned, I didn’t commit enough. Should I retry next year or not? Let me think about it…

Fourth on my list was: Unclutter. Simplify my stuff, my desk, my wardrobe, my finances.
Looking back, I think I’ve made quite progress in this part. Moving several times this year contributes greatly to simplifying. When you move, you gotta pack and organize your stuff, and you’ll find so many things you don’t really need and you forgot about such as clothes you don’t really wear anymore, bags you don’t use, etc.
I went through three major moves this year:
1. Living space move: as a result I discarded a LOT of clothes and apparels; gave them away to other people. Couldn’t believe the speed of accumulated stuff. I started with just one suitcase of stuff and ended up bringing back home 2 suitcases of clothes and 5 boxes of stuff.
2&3. Workspace move, twice. I still work for the same organization and same team, but I moved desk, twice. Although having to pack and move things were very cumbersome, at the end I’m glad I had to move. I managed to eliminate a lot of things, some I filed away, and a lot I discarded.

Admittedly I still have some clutters around, but not as much as I used to. My desk are reasonably clear, my files are in control. My closet are not bursting. I don’t waste as much time searching for things.

One of the thing I try to do now to keep the clutter level low in my workspace is to always be in “ready to move” state. By keeping in mind how cumbersome packing and clearing things away, I keep the stuff in the workplace to the essentials. I think I should apply this to my home also, just by thinking that one day I have to move to smaller space I should be able to keep the clutter level low.

Having less clutter around physically is similar with having less clutter in your head, as in “Mind like water” concept from David Allen’s GTD. BTW, applying GTD is my last resolution and I will write about it next.

Here’s some great web sources to get started to unclutter:
I’m an Organizing Junkie


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