2010 already! Here’s my last two 2009 resolution: schedule exercise & yoga time, and apply GTD.

Here’s what I wrote that time: Schedule exercise & yoga time – think of them as body maintenance; as important as eating & drinking
I’ve been through ups and downs for this item; there were some weeks when I managed to go to the gym everyday. And there were some weeks where I didn’t go at all. End result: I was heavier at the end of 2009 compared to beginning 2009. How disappointing.
What I did wrong:
– I didn’t watch what I eat enough
– I didn’t do enough cardio
– I didn’t stick to a regular schedule

So, I will carry this resolution to 2010. I’m trying to improve by doing these things:
– do more cardio (minimum 30 mins at a time, join RPM class)
– not eating dinner after 6: only eat fruits
As for scheduling it’s bit hard to fix a regular schedule, considering my work and all. Good thing now my hubby joined the gym so it’s easier for me to go.

Next post: GTD.


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