2010 resolution

It’s kinda late for 2010 resolution. It’s MARCH already. BUT! Better late than never. My objective of writing these down is to have a written record I can look up to from anywhere, anytime.

My 2009 resolution can be found here and in the following posts.

I’m carrying on all of them except one: Re-learn chinese. I want to finish the other things first before tackling that one.

So my 2010 resolutions are the following:
1. Use as little plastic as possible
2. Minimize spending, maximize income & capital (implement Your Money Or Your Life 9 steps to achieve Financial Independence asap)
3. Unclutter. Simplify my stuff, my desk, my wardrobe, my finances
4. Schedule exercise & yoga time
5. Apply GTD (Getting Things Done)

And I’m adding some:
6. Have a successful container garden on my rooftop
7. Do more home cooking

Next: last year’s evaluation and action plan for this year


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