Love my Mac(s)

My love with mac computers started years ago… the first time I had an iBook I called Peach. It was the all-white model that comes out after the colored candy-shell.

I’ve been with several mac companions since; sometimes it’s from work, sometimes my own. All of my macs were named after fruits; after all it’s an apple!

Here’s my history with macs:
1. iBook (my own) – Peach
2. G5 PowerMac (work) – Rockmelon
3. iBook (my own) – Persimmon
4. iMac (my own) – Clementine
4. Intel PowerMac (work) – Mangosteen
5. MacBook Pro (work) – Kiwi
6. MacBook Pro (my own) – ?

I had to use windows from time to time – and all my windows machines are called Lemon. My current employer only provide a windows desktop for work, which I didn’t even bother to name. I will call it Lemon 3 from now on.

So I decided, again, to get my own mac. And I don’t know what to name it yet. Maybe Apricot… or Passion fruit… or Lychee?


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