New year with a broken bone

On early morning 3rd of January, the first Monday in 2011, I was rushing downstairs carrying my backpack and gym bag so I can immediately go to the gym. Near the landing of the stairs, I fell. You know when you thought you arrived at the landing at the stairs and turned out you weren’t there yet, and so mis-step? It was that kind of fall.

The fall was not high – only one or two steps. I wrongly stepped with the outer sides of my feet and it kinda rolled. I was a little shocked, so I sat down for a while before trying to get up. I could get up allright, I felt a little sore on my left feet but I thought it was just a little strain. Hubby asked “Are you all right?” and I said “I’m fine”, walked to the car and then off we went to the gym. In the car, because I was sitting down, I didn’t feel any pain on my left foot. I did stretches and moved my ankle around, and to my relief my ankle was OK.

So we arrived at the gym. The moment I stepped down from the car, I felt pain on my left foot. I still thought it was just a little sprain, though I noticed the foot was starting to get a little swollen. I realized that I wasn’t gonna able to run, but I still thought I could join the yoga class and I actually thought stretches would do goot for my swollen and sprained foot. Until I tried standing on my left foot only, which was rather painful.

So hubby drove me back home, I took a shower, and then we went to a sinshe (chinese traditional doctor). He touch my foot here and there, message the bruising a little, and fixed my foot, it really hurted. He said the bone was broken but I didn’t really believe him, I thought he meant fractured. He told me not to put too much weight on the left foot.

So I decided to stay home that day but didn’t think much about the feet, I still went up and down from my room on 4th floor and my kitchen on 2nd floor, limping because I tried not to put weight on the left foot. The next day I went limping to work, and I felt terrible and got fever… very difficult to move around (I was pratically on one leg only!). Came afternoon, decided to go to see the bone doctor.

After x-ray, doctor said it is fractured and recommend surgery or cast. Doctor strongly suggest for surgery to the point that I thought he just wanted more fee. After discussing with my hubby I decided to follow the shinshe (who already said the bone was broken anyway) and see the progress before and look for second opinion from other doctor.

After a couple of days resting the foot, I went back to work with a cane. At first walking was still difficult even with a cane, because I didn’t dare to put any weight on the outer side of the left foot. I could feel the foot getting better and better quickly – after about one week I was already able to walk without a cane (although still not normal and with a slight limp).

Now, 4 weeks later, my walk is already normal. I still can’t walk very fast yet – I am still careful with the left foot. Going to do follow up x-ray this saturday, I really hope the bone healed fully so I can exercise again.


3 thoughts on “New year with a broken bone

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