On being positive

One of my aspiration in 2011 is becoming a positive force whereever I am.

Sounds easy, but turned out it isn’t that easy. At times it’s much easier to succumb to all the negativity and just being negative. Especially in the workplace.

So when someone comments “Well you know X, he’s always like that, he’s never been good in anything, ….” – it is much easier to agree than to disagree. I guess it’s because when you agree to something negative, all you have to do is nod along and add some more ‘spice’ – but if you want to disagree to something negative, then you have to really think and find the positive side and disagree with the person commenting.

And when suddenly the work piles up, too many things to do at too little time, and stress level is high, it’s very easy to get easily irritated. A small mistake can become a big deal. Instead of trying to find the solution to the problem, it’s much easier to get into “it’s not my fault – I told you so” mode.

So. How do I go about it? How do I stop becoming negative? How do I start spreading positivity?

I surround myself with reminders of positivity… through twitter, e-newsletter, books, etc.
Some sites I subscribe to:
Dr Happy
The LIFT blog
and many more…

Life is too short to be negative. Smile!


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