Caught the running bug

I used to dislike running. I felt heavy, slow, clumsy, and bored. All I could think about was “Are we there yet? How much longer?”

Sometimes in 2005 I started going to the gym. I love exercising but I still hated running, I preferred the stairmasters, stationary bike, and the elliptical, only use the treadmill very rarely and for brisk walking only. I preferred joining the RPM cycling group class or other aerobics group class for my cardio.

But I admired people who run – I cheered when the long-distance runners reached the finish line in the athletics competition on TV. How graceful and fast and determined they were! I secretly wished I can be like that girl on the treadmill who kept running on and on.

And so I put “Run a 10K” in my 43things list. And it stayed there for so many years, until in 2010 I made the commitment and registered for a 10K race, and started training for it on treadmill at the gym. At the beginning I could only run slowly for 2,5km… and then after a while I could run for 5km, and then a little bit more, and on the race day I took 1 hour 28 minutes to finish! I mixed running & walking and I only aimed to finish. I was hooked since then! Running outdoor felt very different than running on treadmill; not so boring and crossing the finish line felt great!

Not long after that I got acquinted with a friend who’s in a running club that runs regularly every sunday, and he invited me to come along. And so I ran outdoors more often. It was fun meeting with new people who enjoy running also.

January 2011, I broke my left fifth metatarsal bone, falling down the stairs at home. And so I stopped exercising for about 3 months, all the while worrying whether I can run normally again. Thank goodness my foot healed OK, and in April I slowly started exercising again, building up my stamina again.

I participated in another 10K race in June, my time was 1 hour 18 minutes or so… 10 minutes faster than my 1st 10K, and I felt awesome and I didn’t put much effort at all! I guess that’s when the running bug really caught me.

I love running now. I have registered for half marathon December this year, half of my brain says “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? It’s 21 KM!”, the other half says, borrowing sports brands’ slogan “Impossible is nothing so just do it!”. And I’ll do a marathon someday.


5 thoughts on “Caught the running bug

  1. been a while i didn’t read ur blog, sil, surprised i’m so left behind but happy to see your progress. hehe.
    anyway, keep the spirit for half-marathon in dec!!! look forward to hearing on it.
    b joined the 10km run last may. he is thinking to join the half-marathon next may, too!!! ^_^ i start running recently but 10km is not my league!!! remember how i hated running almost 20 years back? that time you’re stronger than me…haha…good job sil

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