Tought experiment: humans on the eye of an alien

An alien researcher is studying how humans live (Just like a biologist studying insect/certain animals). After spending sometime looking at how they live, behave, interact, talk about, and especially after looking at the strange box on which these humans stare for half of their waking hour, and also looking and clicking on that screen with the keypad attached, the alien researcher concludes that there are three things that drives human: money, fame, & beauty.

The humans spend hours doing something they don’t like to get money. And then they will spend the money trying to get other human to like them and to make them look more attractive to other human. For example: getting plastic surgery, or wearing expensive clothes.

The alien researcher found out that some humans are born with higher quality of money, fame, & beauty. Some humans are born to parents that have lots of money already so these humans have a headstart. Some humans also born with beauty, and these beautiful humans can get through life more easily. As for fame, when the human has enough money and enough beauty, it will come.

The alien researcher then try to find out, if humans are motivated by money, fame, & beauty, do the humans that posses them become more strong & invincible, longer-living, or better well-being?

The alien researcher find that there is little correlation between the motivating things to the presumably positive output. And yet in the pursuit to gain the money, fame, & beauty, these humans are wreaking havoc in their own one and only place to live, hurting other humans and other living beings.

The alien researcher concludes human is a strange species that are still evolving.


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