Consumer, I am not.

According to this infographic, enormous number of consumer brand is controlled by 10 company only.

I find this very disturbing… letting our whole live supplied by a handful of corporations.

I’ve looked at the brands listed and there were 13 products I consumed within the last week. And some of them I really like (Skippy!). On the positive side, I don’t consume too much junks (chips, sugared breakfast cereals, candies and sugared water). But I still think I have to reduce.

Here’s what I consumed:

  1. Schweppes – in form of soda water & ginger ale
  2. Kraft singles cheese
  3. Nestle pure life – bottled water
  4. Kitkats – A friend from Japan brought home the green tea one and gave one to me. I didn’t buy it.
  5. Gillette – how can I not use this one hmmm? I don’t want to have hairy armpit.
  6. Oral-B – toothbrush; is there any other alternative?
  7. Vaseline – the hand & body lotion
  8. Magnum – A friend bought the ice cream and then he joined Paleo diet and so gave the ice cream to me. I didn’t buy it.
  9. Knorr – convenient for soups
  10. Skippy – I love peanut butter! Especially the chunky one!
  11. Quaker oats – easy food when have no much time to cook
  12. A&W – we had coupons for this food-chain so we use it from time to time
  13. Dove – the unscented deodorant

Out of this list, I think I can easily cross out Magnum & Kitkat. I can phase out Kraft singles, A&W, Vaseline, Quaker oats, and Knorr as well. That leaves me with 5… what should I do about it?

Nestle pure life – find other brand of bottled water? Aqua (Danone), Amidis (local). Unfortunately the tap water here is not good enough for drinking, even after boiling.

Schweppes – switch to plain water or tea

Gillette – I’m not sure if there’s alternatives for this one. I used to pluck the armpit hair out but it was too time consuming and made the skin bumpy. I have an environmentalist friend, a girl, with a bushy armpit. I can’t do that.

Oral-B – choosing other brand of toothbrush will not solve anything would it?

Dove – the only one that have unscented deodorant… can’t find it anywhere else. What should I replace it with?

Skippy – I love this… especially with banana and bread…

I think my consumption level of these corporate brands are reasonably low, I’ll live with Skippy for now.


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