On freedom

After the decision to take a break was made, I had this strange feeling, a feeling of lightness & freedom. This feeling of freedom is new to me; the feeling that I am not bound to anything.

I randomly opened a page on Osho’s book Joy, and read this paragraph:

You cannot control an ecstatic person; it is impossible. You an control only a miserable person. An ecstatic person is bound to be free. Ecstasy is freedom. When you are ecstatic, you cannot be reduced to being a slave. You cannot be destroyed so easily; you cannot be persuaded to live in a prison … You cannot be seduced into living in a dark cell. You cannot be turned into a slave. You will live your own life and you will do your thing.

I think my decision to follow my heart and do what I really want to do is also a result of a growth of my spirituality… learning to trust and really listen to myself, understanding that happiness comes from within and not depending on outside circumstances, and that the only one responsible with your own happiness is ourself.


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