I eat rice, quite a lot. Back then when I lived with my parents, I ate rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 99% of all the rice I ate was white rice, with occasional intermezzo of red rice and black / white sticky rice.

Nowadays I don’t eat that much rice anymore. For breakfast I don’t usually have rice; I have fruits and some other light stuff. For lunch I have rice most of the time. Dinner varies, sometimes there’s rice, sometimes not.

I try to eat more variety of rice now. It is said that the most nutritious part of the rice is on the bran, and yet the bran is polished off in the common white rice. There are rice bran products that only contain the rice bran, to be added in your drinks etc. And they’re not cheap! So I thought I’d try eating rice with the bran intact, or unpolished rice, also called brown rice.

At first I wasn’t sure if I can cook it; I had this presumption that brown rice are difficult to cook and If I fail to cook it it’ll be nightmare trying to clean the rice cooker. But after attending a talkshow about healthy living, I decided to give it a try.

I bought a 1 kg box of brown ‘pandan wangi’ rice. The packaging provided a clear instruction on how to cook rice; polished rice requires 1:1 ratio of rice and water, while brown rice’s ratio is 1:3.

The next day I immediately tried to cook it according to the instruction. Halfway along the cooking process, when the steam started to come out from the rice cooker, my whole house was filled with this delicious cooked rice smell. The smell was much more fragrant and appetizing than ordinary white rice.

When the rice cooker was done, the rice turned out all right. The rice was a bit more chewy than ordinary white rice, off-white in color, have nutty taste, and sweeter aftertaste. I enjoyed it very much.  After several times eating brown rice, I now actually prefer the taste of brown rice. It’s much more rich in taste, not boring like white rice. It also takes longer to chew – so I eat slower.

Brown rice can spoil quickly due to the high oil content of the bran, so I put them in a tight jar in the refrigerator. As I’m the only one eating it (hubby rarely eat them, he prefers white rice), I will only buy in small quantity as needed.


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