Transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Android via Bluetooth

Everytime I’m going to a non-blackberry-minded country (such as Australia), I need to bring another smartphone to roam there. Because without the BlackBerry Service, the BlackBerry becomes a dumb phone – can only make phone calls & text. I can activate the BlackBerry roaming service, but with approximate 10us$ per day roaming fee I find it very expensive; I’d rather buy a local SIM card. Still, if I want to use BB Service with the local SIM card, I need to subscribe for BB Service, and it’s only available with postpaid service. Not practical. 

Solution: bring another smartphone, that I can use with local SIM card that have data service, so I can still use whatsapp, email, etc.  I’m bringing with me a Samsung. As it is Android based, I thought syncing contacts between the BB and the Samsung had to be done via google contacts; yet BB stopped the google syncing service. Some googling and found an easier way – sync contacts via bluetooth. Here’s how.



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