There are many religions like there are many paths to climb a mountain.

The peak of the mountain is one. We may call it God, Allah, Supreme Consciousness, Christ, Brahma, among many other thing. The different names are just different symbols to that same one peak.

At the bottom of the mountain the paths usually still gentle – one can navigate with just guide books or map. Going further up its not enough anymore; we have to ask for advice from a guide, someone who familiar with the way, someone who can show the safest route. Further up closer to the peak, the mountain become steeper. The guide can only go as further as he knew. To continue to go up, we need another climber who is already at the top, to extend a rope for us and give us a pull towards the peak.

These climbers that have reach the top, are the realized ones. Jesus Christ and Siddharta Gautama are examples. During their lifetime, they tirelessly extend ropes towards the climbers to help them climb up. As they did it again and again and again, there are markings left on the cliff where ropes extended down. When they left, the markings are still there on the cliff – and some climbers can climb up with only that. But it is more difficult compared to when there is the rope.

In order to help more climbers come up, some thoughtful climbers create signage along the path.  The signage says “This way to the peak”. To help inspire new climbers to come up, these thoughtful climbers put a poster up with a picture of the peak with the finished climber at the top, the headline “The peak is awesome! Follow the way of the finished climber, and you can get to the peak!”

Some of  these climbers gather around in front of the poster and couldn’t go any further. Because the higher it is, the more difficult the path is. Without help from a finished climber, the climb is very very difficult. But after a while they forgotten what they are here to do – to climb the mountain to the peak. They thought the picture of the peak is as good as it gets.

All is well until some climbers from different path run into each other and start claiming “My path is better than yours!” “The finished climber on my path is more awesome than on your path!” And then instead of walking along their own path, they started fighting.

They started fighting in the name of the path, or the finished climber of that particular path, oblivious to the fact that the path all lead to the same peak.


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