In my experience, when I started to let go the fear of the unknown and listen to my inner calling, things fall into place… like puzzles solving themselves. Serendipity happens often.

But what if my inner calling is not normal?

Before answering that question, lets step back and ask another question. What is normal? And who defines what’s normal?

Something normal and acceptable in certain culture may not be acceptable at all in different culture. Normal is just a consensus, an unspoken agreement.

Following, conforming, to what’s defined normal, may feel easier at the beginning. Don’t have to do anything just follow the current. But as time passes, if where you’re going is against your dharma, you’ll feel something is not right. You don’t enjoy the journey anymore. Each moment become a drag. You may be bored, or depressed. You begin to question “What am I doing? Where am I going? Is this all there is in my life?”

Starting to have this questions is good. Start to explore for possible answers. Experience new things. Meet new people. Read new books. Learn new skills. Open many doors. Then you’ll become better in defining what makes you happy and what makes you not happy. Being happy is a good sign that you’re aligned with your dharma. If you find something that excites you, that makes you feel alive, stay with it. Although it is not “normal”. Remember, normal is just consensus.

Have faith in yourself.

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