Sankalpa means a resolve, a resolution.

The first time I heard about sankalpa was back in 2009, in dr Swami Shankardev’s class in Bali Spirit Festival. He was giving a yoga nidra session and he emphasized on creating a sankalpa, he took his time to explain it carefully and made sure everybody understood. It was my first and only sankalpa and yoga nidra for quite some time.

A sankalpa is like a seed, planted in the deep subconscious that is accessed during yoga nidra. It harnesses the willpower & subconscious to make oneself progress towards that sankalpa.

Swami Satyananda said “Anything in life could fail you, but not a sankalpa made during yoga nidra”.

I found this true. That sankalpa came to fruition.

If you want to know more about sankalpa & yoga nidra, just drop me a line. I’m happy to share, but it is something experiential that can’t be fully conveyed in a blog medium.


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