Sunrise at Pesiaran Gurney, Penang, Malaysia

Sunrise at Pesiaran Gurney, Penang, Malaysia

I read this somewhere, I’m sorry I couldn’t relocate the source. I’m paraphrasing, this is the gist:

It takes two kinds of light to see. One is the outer light – the kind of light from a source like the sun, fire, lamp, etc – that reflects on objects and then captured by the eyes.  The other light is the inner light – the light inside us that enable us to understand, comprehend, discern, make sense, of that captured reflection of outer light.

The inner light, when it’s bright, will see things as it is… When it’s dark, no matter how bright and beautiful the outer light is, one may not appreciate it.

How to make the inner light bright?

By removing the veil covering it. The inner light, or the mind, is covered by conditioning, coloring, or sometimes termed as ignorance (avidya). By realizing that what’s out there is just is, and what you experience is all perception – and you are (or can be) in control of it. Everything you perceive, is through the mind and the mind is covered by layers of conditioning, from society, upbringing, etc.

Yoga sutra 1:2 & 1:3
Yogas chitta vritti nirodhah
Tada drastuh svarupe avasthanam

Yoga is mastery of the fluctuation/conditioning of the mind. When mind is free of this conditioning and fluctuation, then one will rest in its true nature.

When we reduce the layers of conditioning, when we reduce the coloring, when we remove the avidya, we start to see things as it is, without the extra adjectives attached to it. Seeing things as it is enables us to appreciate things as it is, and allows us to decide on what reaction is appropriate, if needed at all. And we will start to perceive the world as it is – beautiful, amazing, and awesome.

Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself ~ Alan Watts


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