Heart is where the home is

Illustration by Cleonique

Illustration by Cleonique

There’s this saying:

Home is where the heart is

I think it is more accurate this way:

Heart is where the home is

Heart is the area of anahata chakra, the fourth chakra, the centerpoint between the three lower chakras and the three higher chakras. Anahata chakra is where we feel love, compassion, and connection with others, the world, and the Self (or God, or Krishna, or Consciousness, or Universe, or many other names, these are just words attempting to label something beyond words).

We humans are endowed with a very powerful tool: the intellectual mind. That’s how human as a species survive, even thrive in this planet, at the expense of other species and mother earth. We are more and more relying on the intellectual mind, to make sense of the world and to make decision of how to live. But there are some things that we can’t understand intellectually. Things we can’t categorize and put into words. Words are, however, just a tool to assist one intellectual mind communicate with others. Again I repeat, some things are beyond words.

In this modern times, we tend to be very intellectual. And as we live in the intellectual mind all the time, we become out of touch with the heart. As a result, we feel like we are lacking something, we are not quite complete, we feel this void. We try to numb that feeling of emptiness with various external things. Entertainment. Food. Acquiring stuff. Etc. These external things only give temporary distraction at best. And then we have to repeat it again and again to get the same effect.

When we are in touch with the heart, we don’t feel incomplete anymore. We feel full. And we no longer have the desire to seek external things to make us feel complete anymore. Outside things cease to hold so much importance.

When we are in touch with our heart, we are in sync with the whole creation, because we are connected with the Self. We are in tune with the universe and the universe have our back in whatever we do. We automatically operate with more compassion towards others, because the edges between ‘I’ and ‘not I’ is becoming more blurred. We start to understand that we are waves of the same ocean, caught up in thinking we are an individual separate wave.

How do we get in touch with the heart? Start to listen to it. Many times our heart is trying to tell us something but we ignore it because we thought its against the norm, and we want to conform and not go against what’s defined ‘normal’. The more we ignore, the more insensitive to it we become. That phrase “Listen to you heart” is actually true. Sometimes in order to tune in to our heart we need to pause, remove ourself from all the outside distraction, and be alone and in silence. And then start following what the heart says.

Don’t suppress our feelings, let it flow. If something move us inside, feel it. Don’t try to analyze or intellectualize it. This thing that move us, it can be anything – a baby, a story, an artwork, a dance, nature, music, movie, another person or animal, or a deity perhaps. Let the feeling wash over you. If it bring tears to our eyes, let it flow.

My teacher at Satyananda Yoga Academy said the fastest way to open our hearts is through bhakti yoga. Bhakti yoga is basically chanting God’s names, with feeling, with bhava. Join a kirtan group, if there’s one available nearby. What is this kirtan and chanting? Check out Krishna Das on youtube – he chants with such bhava.

Do you want to feel incomplete, empty, that something is missing all time? Relieved by temporary fix from outside endeavors? Or do you we want to feel full, complete, at ease, all the time? Start to get back in touch with the heart. Let the heart open and shine then we can come home.

Illustration by a talented artist, Cleonique, who generously let me use the image.


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