Night & day

Accept that when there is light, there is also dark; the same way as when there is day, there’s also night.

When there is life, there is a no-life, or death. It is not “good” vs “bad” qualities; it’s just the way it is. “Good” and “bad” is the adjectives, the qualities, that our conditioned mind attach to the particular phenomenon.

Like the seasons change from spring to summer to autumn and to winter, everything changes perpetually. Maybe we love autumn but we hate winter; or vice versa. Well it’s part of life that we have to go through anyway, and rather than going through it grumpily, just accept it and move on. Remember that this too shall pass, as certain as the seasons change. As sure as the sun sets in the evening and rises in the morning. As certain as night and day.


This theme seems to come up again and again. A long time ago I wrote a post titled duality & perception. A few weeks ago I attempted a poetry about the One without the other. I started this post a few days back and last Saturday Om Swami wrote about the same thing on his blog, here’s the link: When will My Bad Time End?

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