False truth

When something we believed as truth, turned out to be untrue, how would one feel? Depends on how attached one is to that particular false truth.

Consider these two examples:

Example 1

All this while I thought every country drives on the left side of the road. When I found out this wasn’t true, I’m fine with it. No attachment.

Example 2

Have you seen the movie Truman Show? Halfway through his life, the Jim Carrey character realized that his whole life was a lie, his whole life was a TV show and everybody around him, including his wife, were actors. It’s his whole life, naturally he was very attached to it. So when he found out that what he thought all this while as truth, turned to be false truth, he went through a period of confusion, turbulence, feeling betrayed. Finally he broke free and the TV audience cheered for him.

There are two things I would like to highlight here. The first one is – what is truth? The second one is attachment.

What is truth? There is no absolute truth, because we perceive everything through each of our own senses and mind. You and I may perceive the same thing differently. Perhaps we are drinking the same chai, I find the chai taste just right and you find the chai not sweet enough. Or faced with a problem, I see it as opportunity and someone else see it as a hindrance. It’s a matter of perspective, and everyone’s perspective is different, so it’s best to know our own truth. Or if you find someone else’s truth seems true to you, examine it very carefully from all angles, test it out rigorously, if it passed the test only then you can adapt it as your own truth.

Now about attachment. The more one is attached, the more turbulence there will be when something turned out to be untrue. The more unattached, the more unaffected one will be if anything happen. With non-attachment we can see things more clearly as it is, without attraction or aversion.

Why am I rambling about this?

Something is unfolding right now, something that a group of people thought to be the truth, turned out to be false truth. I apologize for my cryptic writing I don’t want to get into details at the moment. I’m sort of part of that group of people. Although I’m at the outer edge of the group, I’m still feeling the turmoil, disoriented, confused, and betrayed, because I adapted someone’s truth, and this someone turned out to be not truthful. I can only imagine how my friends in inner circle are feeling right now. They have dedicated years of their life for this “truth”. They have changed their names, they gave up the name their parents gave. They renounced their family, their wealth, everything. They worshipped this particular someone. And this someone turned out to be not truthful.

My being at the outer edge helped me regain my footing quickly. And also having someone I look up to holding my hand helps a lot. I can see why I’m feeling what I’m feeling, it’s because I have attachment, being associated with this someone used to gave me pride. I’m aware of that now so I can work on reducing the attachment and move on.

I pray for the victims may this process brings healing to them. I pray may everyone involved be graced with wisdom and clarity to go through this difficult times. I pray may this be over soon.


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