This too shall pass

Baha'U'llah sayings - the Lotus Temple, Delhi

Baha’U’llah sayings – the Lotus Temple, Delhi

Time does not stop, time continues moving forward. We try to capture a moment in time and make it eternal. We gather stuff, money, status, fame, knowledge, etc as if we’re gonna live forever. But nothing is forever. This too shall pass.

Should prosperty befall thee, rejoice not
And should abasement come upon thee, grieve not
For both shall pass away and be no more
~ Baha’U’llah

Sometimes as we are so immersed, we forgot that nothing is eternal, that everything is fleeting. Only the soul is eternal. But we forgot, and clung.

This body is from the earth and will return to earth. We’re like tenants renting space from the earth for a specific price and specific time. The price is previous good/bad karma. The time is this current lifetime, from the first breath to the last breath. When the rent period is over, we have to leave whether we’re ready or not, and nothing can be carried with us back to where we came from. So what’s the point of filling this temporary rented space with things we don’t need? It will only make the move difficult, unnecessarily heavy.

Four short words to remember: this too shall pass. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t experience emotions (at the proper time). Emotions are part of life. Rather, go through the emotions with clarity, knowing that all these emotions and the cause of the emotions are impermanent. All these too shall pass, enjoy them while they last.


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