I watched the movie PK recently. If you haven’t seen it, be warned there may be spoilers within this post.

The story goes, in this vast Universe, turned out there are other planets with life form similar to us humans. Just like us, they also search for other life forms out there, and they were excited to find Planet Earth. And they sent an astronaut to earth to check it out.

The planet where this astronaut came from, in their culture they don’t wear anything to cover their skin (apparently ‘shame’ is not in their dictionary). And they don’t have spoken and written language, they communicate directly with their thoughts through holding hands, and thus they cannot lie.

So this astronaut landed on earth, in India, buck naked except a glowing stone necklace on his neck that is his remote control to call his spaceship. And then the first guy he meet steals his necklace, and there he is without any clothes, without any language, with nothing, stranded on earth. He can’t go home without the remote control, so he learned how to survive on earth by trial and error. He bumped into a kind man that helps him, and when he finally manage to hold someone’s hand for long enough to absorb and learn the language, he can communicate better. He asks people how to find his remote control, and people tell him “Ask God” “Only God knows” “God will help you”. So he then searches, where is this God?

In the process of searching God, he takes part of all different religions. And as he has no concept of religion whatsoever, he makes mistakes – for example bringing hindu offerings into a church, and so on, and thus he got his nickname “peekay” or PK which means “drunk”, as people chase him, beat him, curse him “Are you drunk?”

PK is so fresh, very entertaining, and have deep meaning. As we follow PK’s adventure trying to find God in order to find his remote control so he can go home, we get to see how strange, weird, ludicrous, unbelievable, and often nonsensical the people on earth are in relation to their religion, and to their God.

If you haven’t watch it yet, I recommend this movie wholeheartedly. It’s in Hindi but it comes with English subtitles. Just 153 minutes long and it’s worth every minute of your time.

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