The one thing I feel most blessed with

15203457290_83cd781efa_b Another writing prompt from Live Your Legend blog challenge: “What’s one thing you’re proud of?” I’m kinda stuck thinking of the answer to that question and so I search for the meaning of the word ‘proud’. Definition of proud: feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one’s own achievements, qualities, or possessions or those of someone with whom one is closely associated.

I think the prompt will work better for me like this: “What’s the one thing you feel most blessed with?” Why? Because all the achievements, qualities, and possessions, they’re not mine, they are all divine grace. I have nothing to be proud of, I just have everything to be grateful for. Before choosing the one thing I feel I’m most blessed with, I wrote a list, and the list is so long. Here’s a recap from that long list:

  • this lifetime, this incarnation
  • each moment & each breath
  • circumstances (family & friends, means to live, roof on top of my head, enough food, etc)
  • healthy body & sound mind
  • all the experience I’ve been through, the lessons I learned
  • guidance, in many forms (parents, teachers, guru, books, etc)
  • finding out what I’m passionate about and the opportunities to pass it on
  • and many other things

At first I thought that the one thing I’m most blessed with, is the presence of a living guru in my life. I’m fortunate Universe arranged his presence in my life in an ‘easy’ way. I wasn’t particularly looking for a guru, I didn’t have that strong yearning for one. I didn’t go through abusive gurus (surprisingly abusive gurus are quite common!) I did spend sometime in a very guru-centric community but I didn’t felt the connection with that particular guru so I didn’t take initiation or anything. How did I find my guru? I was surfing the internet when Sri Google led me to his blog, and the rest is history.

The presence in one’s life of a living teacher is an immense opportunity and privilege. The Guru accomplishes many things for us, accelerating our progress and shortening the time till our own realisation by many incarnations.
~ Jogyata Dallas.

He lifted my veil of avidya (ignorance), he uncovered my eyes and now I can see. He guided me to navigate through the ocean, so I’m not just floating aimlessly anymore, but making my way to cross the ocean. He helped me to get in touch with the inner Guru. My life has been transformed (and continues to transform) since then.

And with this transformation I can see more clearly, and sometimes in this clarity I can see things as they really are. And with this clarity I know that the one thing I’m most blessed with, is NOW, this moment. This moment is the only time I can experience anything and everything. This moment becomes the past, and the future becomes now, but now is all I have, now is everything I have, so now is the one thing I’m most blessed with. And now encompasses everything.

So I try my best to remember this every moment, remember that everything is divine grace, that this very lifetime itself is a blessing. And live me life fully from this now to another now, moment to moment.

Image credit: “and bless this spot in particular” by peterned


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