What do people thank me for?


Fourth post for Live Your Legend blog challenge, prompt number 3: What do people thank me for?

On top of my mind is the “Thank you” I got from the participants of my yoga class. It’s rewarding to see them feeling better and more relaxed after one hour of yoga. It is most obvious in my corporate group class – they come to the space still hunching over the phone replying messages and emails. I gently ask them to put away their phones, and just focus on their own body and breath for the next hour. Afterwards they’re more relaxed, their energy is more calm.

When I used to work in a full-time office job, people thanked me for coming up with solutions to problems, create cooperation with partners, generating potential business models, etc. My team members thanked me for being there for them, providing them space to learn and grow. My colleagues thanked me for having a helicopter view, I tried to see the big picture and base the decisions on a bigger point of view, not only for the benefit of certain teams or division.

Friends thank me for being a good listener. When I’m meeting someone I focus on him/her, giving all my attention. Unless there’s something urgent, I don’t look at my phone. And just by being there fully, listening to them, I find that there’s no effort needed to carry on the conversation, without having to think “What to say next?” the questions or answers just come up naturally.

A man behind me in a flight check-in queue thanked me because I invited him to move in front of me. His flight schedule was earlier than mine, he was worried about the prospect of missing his flight, and the queue was long. I let him move in front of me, it was the least I can do.

A beggar thanked me for giving her a packet of biscuits. I try to always have some food in my bag, when I ran into beggars, instead of giving them money, I gave them food. Often these beggars are part of organized beggar and they probably won’t benefit from the money. When I give them food, I hope at least they themselves get to eat it.

A friend thanked me for giving her a jar of cookies. She’s also a yoga teacher and I was participating in one of her workshops. Another teacher whose training I joined last week thanked me for giving him a box of sweets. I’m making this into a habit, when I’m meeting someone I consider a teacher, I bring sweet gifts. It’s an offering of gratitude.

Something I observed while writing this post – it is way easier for me to think of “What do I thank others for” than “What do people thank me for”. I have to learn how to receive thanks. I know I’m quite good in giving thanks, now I realized that I’m not as good in receiving it. Perhaps its a sign of self-deprecating attitude? Am I being excessively modest?

Image credit: thanks by aphotoshooter


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