Birthday post

Just a quick post today because I said to myself I will write something at least once a week every monday.

It was my birthday yesterday, and the older I get the more birthdays become just another day, not much difference except having to add 1 to that particular number called ‘age’.

During the year when I was 36 years old, I’m blessed to have the following experience:
– Universe arranged the presence of a guru in my life
– finished my first full marathon, and second time too
– finished my first triathlon (sprint distance)
– visited India the first time. And second time
– visited new countries: United Emirates Arab (Dubai), Japan
– visited new place within Indonesia: Maratua island, Bangka island
– finished a 200 hour yoga training and a teaching meditation training
– hit target bodyweight of 59,9kg. Sadly I gained 2kg back now


Thank you Universe for this lifetime where I get to meet many beautiful souls along the journey, family, friends, and teachers. Thank you for all the experiences, sensations, connections, grace, abundance and love. Thank you for now, each and every now that has passed, and each and every now that will come.

That’s it for now. Will post the blog challenge post tomorrow.


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