The Introvert’s Brain

I haven’t written anything much this week, but I found this website about introverts,

I already knew I’m an introvert since a long time ago. It was a bit challenging to be an introvert in the extraverted world. I also knew my MBTI type since a long time ago, it’s INFP.

When I realized this I was kinda relieved, I found out that it’s not weird to prefer to be alone, or to disdain small talk, or to be thinking all the time.

One of the most interesting article is about how Introverts’ & extroverts’ brains are wired differently.

5 thoughts on “The Introvert’s Brain

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have never heard of this before, and to find out I am a Thinking Introvert. Always wondered why I was so different only surrounding myself with select people. Everyone always calls me an airhead as well. I now feel proud of my “airiness”. Thank you.

    • The so called ‘normal’ world is very extroverted – we all are expected to be outgoing and talking and be comfortable with many people all the time. Happy to hear you’re proud of your ‘airiness’. Try taking the MBTI test as well!

  2. I think we are all ominverts just as we are omnivores. But, depending on how we are fed/feed ourselves, we grow differently. So, if we don’t get much “sunshine,” we become more introverted. Whereas people who are out in the “sun” so much have a hard time lowering their voices and thinking before they act.

    I think I tested an INFJ, a “judgy” type with feelings.

    It’s only weird to be anything among those who don’t understand or do the same. Which for me is often enough to be annoying. It’s hard to love oneself when you grow up judged and then taught to judge.

    • I like that word,omnivert! Indeed there are rarely 100% introverts or extroverts and everybody is somewhere in between, but with a tendency towards one end. I think its not only how we feed ourself that made us who we are but also the ‘seed’ itself. A mango seed will grow into a mango tree, and will give mango fruits not banana. The environment of course will effect on the tree – it can thrive or it can wither.

      • It’s the compulsive human army mentality that makes us think we need to join one side or another when both energies, male and female, A and B, this and that…reside in some measure in us all.

        I am not so sure about the seed…though genetics will have an impact with input from two parents.
        Yes, but a mango seed that came from two lesser quality parents might produce lousy fruit while a well-nurtured seed from two very finely ripe parents may produce incredible fruit. But, is it not also possible that the seed of a rotten fruit will produce good if not great fruit, too?

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