Memorable Journey to Wholeness

Earlier this month in 11-13 December 2015 me and my two friends Joshua Lie & Amelia Devina facilitate a wellness retreat titled Journey to Wholeness at Vila Air, Lembang, Bandung.

The retreat was a success. A testimonial from a participant:

Both contents & presenters of this retreat are good. Some sessions immediately have positive impact on my physical condition. Thanks to Amelia, Joshua & Silvia!

Another participant said:

This retreat made me think about my own strength, helped me gain a more optimistic perspective in of life.

In this retreat we provided participants various tools & techniques from different disciplines they can bring bring home to their own life to facilitate their own self healing. I taught yoga & pranayama, Joshua taught Reiki, Amelia taught about life purpose & soul plan, and we all taught different forms of meditation with emphasize on self-healing meditation.

In the last evening of the retreat we did labyrinth walk, with which participants were triggered to think about their own life journey, and then we did kirtan focusing on heart opening and developing sense of gratitude.

Another participant said:

I feel happy & relaxed. I know my self better. I understand why I am here, the purpose of life, and human relationship.

Here are some photos from the retreat. We are planning to hold another one in 2016. We can also facilitate the retreat for an existing group (eg corporate/organization groups). Email me at if you’re interested to know more.



5 thoughts on “Memorable Journey to Wholeness

  1. I admire you for your physical prowess!
    I’m not at all into physical stuff, but walk regularly and go to gym twice a week only because I know it is good for me. I love painting, classical music and any search for wisdom. Enjoy your journey, I am enjoying mine.

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