Writing Habit


It’s been a while since my last post. I do still post every two weeks on my other website wannabezen.com, but I haven’t written anything here for months.


I guess I lost the habit of writing. I got more things going on and just didn’t make time for it. Writing become less a priority on my list.

So it’s almost June, 5 months passed since my last blog post Bibliophile or Tsundoku (11 January 2016). After there were a few posts, two were recipes and the other was an event.

How to establish the writing habit again? One of the tips I found after googling about it is to find a topic that motivates you. I love writing about life, meditation and spirituality, and now it has a place at wannabezen.com. So I need to find other topics and inspiration for here.

Possibilities of topics:

  • Yoga
  • Health & wellness
  • Being introvert
  • Books

I will keep this topics in mind. I will try my best to stick to my original posting schedule here (every Mondays). Starting next week.



2 thoughts on “Writing Habit

  1. Yer just trying to juggle too many eggs or baskets. Do you make breakfast for more people than yourself in more places than one? Or, do you maybe prep a meal for a group at one table, or, at least, one table at a time (if, say, you’re a cook/server at a restaurant/cafe/taverna)? If wannabezen is your cup of tea, focus your writing time there. Why do you need more than one writing nest? Or, couldn’t you just link what you post at the other one here to share in two places? You’re not Wonder Oprah, ya know. 🙂

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