Hi there! Here’s more information about me.

I’m into yoga, meditation, spirituality, health & wellness, good books, coffee, and endurance sport.

I’m a yoga & meditation teacher based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I teach regular group class at several studios in Jakarta, and also private & corporate groups. I facilitate wellness-oriented retreats & workshops.

I have been practicing yoga since 2005, and found it keeps me healthy & sane. I started joining workshops from various teachers and styles/lineage, and in 2012 I enrolled to the Yogic Study program from Satyananda Yoga Australasia, and awarded Diploma of Satyananda Yoga in January 2014. I started teaching yoga part time since them. I took another 200-hour teacher training from Fitness First Flow Yoga in July – October 2014. I decided to commit more time to teaching since January 2015 and let go my full time office job. I took a 300-hour level 2 teacher training course with Byron Yoga Center in November 2015, towards a 500-hour qualification, expected to finish around mid 2016.

I also do business & marketing consulting work for wellness-related projects. Previously I worked in marketing department of several companies in different industries, including education, telecommunication, retail and publishing. My 10+ years of marketing & brand management practices and my passion in health & wellness enable me to provide relevant solutions and services to the wellness sphere.

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This site

This website started as a personal blog  – it is now evolved into a website with more information about myself, and the services I provide.

The blog is my self-conversation, to facilitate me thinking and musing. All the writings here are my own, and do not represent the views of any company or organization with which I may be affiliated. The things I post here are anything that caught my mind, a quote, an idea, a conclusion or experience. I have another collaborative blog with a more defined theme at www.wannabezen.com.

I love working with people who shares the same passion and vision. If you think any of my skills and background can be of use to you or your projects, let’s talk! The best way to contact me is through email – silvia.hendarta@gmail.com.

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My gratitude to the many teachers I encountered in my journey, I’m blessed to have their presence in my life. My deepest gratitude to Om Swami, who held up his light and helped my find my inner teacher.

Have a great day!