An old entry on “Falling in love” in

I found this old entry on “Falling in love” on my list. I want to remember this, so here goes.

Written on 10 April 2007:

Subject: It’s funny how…

…we met (again). We work in different company, we’ve known each other for quite a while due to work. But we lost contact after the project was cancelled. Somehow he got my YM and we chit chat once or twice… new years’ eve, I was supposed to go to my hometown the previous day but I suffered a bad headache so I decided to just rest. I was just browsing the internet, with my YM on, and suddenly he came online and ask me if I have any plan for that evening, and then he said “Let’s go somewhere”. I thought “Well that’s better than nothing” so I went out with him. We went for dinner and after that a movie, and on the NY countdown we parked on a highway and watched the fireworks.

It was weird how we were so comfortable with each other. Effortless. Something clicked.