Writing Habit


It’s been a while since my last post. I do still post every two weeks on my other website wannabezen.com, but I haven’t written anything here for months.


I guess I lost the habit of writing. I got more things going on and just didn’t make time for it. Writing become less a priority on my list.

So it’s almost June, 5 months passed since my last blog post Bibliophile or Tsundoku (11 January 2016). After there were a few posts, two were recipes and the other was an event.

How to establish the writing habit again? One of the tips I found after googling about it is to find a topic that motivates you. I love writing about life, meditation and spirituality, and now it has a place at wannabezen.com. So I need to find other topics and inspiration for here.

Possibilities of topics:

  • Yoga
  • Health & wellness
  • Being introvert
  • Books

I will keep this topics in mind. I will try my best to stick to my original posting schedule here (every Mondays). Starting next week.



Why I blog


I’m still on the Live Your Legend blog challenge. This is the third post, but I didn’t follow the order of the prompts, the past two prompts I use for my blog posts (what makes you really angry about the world, and what’s the one thing I’m proud of) is actually prompt number 2 & 4. So here’s prompt number 1: Tell us your story, why did you start a blog and what you hope to get out of it.

I used to have a blog since a long time ago (2001), way before the existence of the current social media.  I had my own domain, my own hostings and everything. I was quite capable of building websites and familiar with simple programming. Back then, I hang out online in this visual chat room – habbo.com – and I also maintained a habbo screenshot websites where I post screenshots of unique, funny, stupid things. It was fun. On the blog I posted random things, sometimes also a ‘Dear blog’ kind of stuff, just for the sake of writing something. I found out I enjoyed writing.

Life moved on and I didn’t maintain my online existence anymore, the domain expired, the websites gone.

I finished university, got a job, career progressed, met future husband, get married, and so on. And no blogging. I keep a written journal on and off (more often off than on!). My hand works better in transferring ideas through keyboard than through pen and paper. With handwriting I’m not always able to read what I wrote – my handwriting is that ugly. Sometime in 2009 I felt like I want to have an outlet where I can post things quickly again, with my phone, so I can just dump thoughts & ideas somewhere. And so this sisil.wordpress.com started to be utilized.

Still I rarely posted – not even once a month. When I do post something, it was more often a quote. I’m inspired to write again since I met my guru. I wrote about it before I won’t get into details in this post.

So far I covered the “why did you start a blog part”. Now on to “what do I hope to get out of it”.

I blog because I enjoyed the act of transferring my thoughts into a more concrete form, I like watching the letters, one by one, materializes on the screen, forming words and sentences, on the command of my finger. I find it quite magical. Sometimes I feel like I’m just watching, I’m just watching the brain coordinate with my hands to move along the keyboard. I kinda get a “high” out of blogging. I blog to get this “high”.

I blog because it’s a way of reflection. Typing or writing helps slowing the thoughts down, and when the thoughts are slower there are less thoughts filling the brain space. When there are less thoughts in the brain space, the mind can become quiet. Imagine going into a room full with puppies, and trying to make them all stay quiet. Only Cesar Milan can do it. Now imagine going into a room with just one or two puppies. Probably still hard to control them, but certainly more doable. I blog to quieten the mind, by slowing down the thoughts.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1:2
Yogas chitta vritti nirodhah
Yoga is the mastery of fluctuations of the mind.

Blog is a way of sharing. In me there are insights and knowledge that I learned through life experiences, teachers, books, etc. I understand that we are all medium, conduit, channel, in this creation. It is our nature transfer things from one point to another, to share things. I don’t want to keep things to myself. I blog to share.

If there’s no sharing, there’s no learning
~ David Wiley

Having a blog, I can look back and review the past. What were my interests and ideas back then? Are they still the same now? What changed? It’s a way of self exploration. A way to know myself better. A way to explore the perennial question “Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?” A way to, as my guru says, “Discover your own truth”.

Image credit: A Pompeiian Beauty, Blogging, after Raffaele Giannetti by Mike Licht